Lewis goes Live!

Notts TV x DropWorks Best of British Rum

How exciting was this?! DropWorks was on TV earlier this month with Notts TV presenter Al Booth.

Al asked Lewis some of the questions that have been on many people’s lips…Why Rum? Why DropWorks?

Well, spoiler alert for those who didn’t see the feature, but Lewis has been passionate about rum for a very long time (decades in fact). It is a broad spirit category; rums can taste like tequila, like vodka, it’s the broadest and most misunderstood category there is, and we are here to bring British Rum into the modern era!

DropWorks owner Lewis Hayes on Notts Today Notts TV with Al Booth talking the best of British Rum

Rum hasn’t had its moment yet. People haven’t been able to truly appreciate what’s inside the bottle.

Viewers were also able to get a sneak peek of the soon to be launched Clear Drop bottle IN REAL LIFE! The bottle is artistically designed to show the beauty of distillation, the column still representative of this.

Lewis also shared the news that DropWorks will be launching many more product Drops in the coming months. Exciting times ahead!

You can watch the full episode here (and hear from Lewis at 38 mins in).

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