The First Drop!

The first product Drop from the DropWorks Distillery, located in Welbeck, has now been released!

Clear Drop Rum is the first product to emerge from the bespoke copper stills out of the modern British rum distillery, ready for you to buy.

Clear Drop is un-aged, unadulterated, embellishment-free rum which can be enjoyed in cocktails, neat or however you wish to drink it – there would never be any judgement!

Team DropWorks celebrated the launch with 2 events in 2 different cities; the DropWorks home city in Nottinghamshire as well as an epic gathering with friends in London too.

Clear Drop Rum by DropWorks is now available
Art created at the DropWorks Launch event in London

Fun, transparent and inclusive were just some of the words used to describe the events- which couldn’t be more fitting for what the DropWorks brand stands for. Rum should be all of these, and more!

Artwork was created (paint splatting necessary) and is ready to be hung on the walls of the DropWorks Distillery ready for you to Drop by to see on your next visit.

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