First Cocktail listing!

Stunning Clear Drop Cocktails available from Mildred’s and Mallow, London
The Peach Melba Daiquiri featuring Clear Drop Rum available from Mildred’s

Mildred’s and Mallow, have 7 sites across London (5 Mildred’s and now 2 Mallow’s), and if you know them… then you know! And if you don’t know them, then consider this your wake up call to go and try them! Famed for their quality, local ingredients, they saw fit to include DropWorks Clear Drop Rum in their Summer cocktail menu in what many people (Lewis and Chris) are describing as the best DropWorks cocktails they have ever had!

At Mildred’s you can treat yourself to a very well-priced selection of small and large plates of delicious, well priced, quality food that just so happens to be plant based and good for the planet too! And you can wash that down with the stunning Peach Melba daiquiri; a delectable concoction that comes with a sweet little snack on top for good measure! The Clear Drop Rum shines through, and the bright berry notes play with the peach and raspberry flavours to make an easy drinker for any occasion. It just a shame they don’t do it by the pint!

Mallow is the elevated offering from the group, with one in Borough Market and the other newly opening in Canary Wharf, and here both the food and drinks are taken to the next level! They are relaxed, beautiful spaces, serving fine dining dishes that as with Mildred’s, just happen to all be plant based too. Every dish allows the sustainable, seasonal ingredients to take centre stage, and the same is true with their cocktails. The Lemongrass Tepache Sour utilises the remains of the Pineapple used in other dishes, to create a sweet cider-like fermented beverage known as tepache. It is the perfect flavour to combine with the bright, apple and tropical fruit notes of Clear Drop and is simply put, a must-try cocktail!

On working with the restaurants, Drops Director Chris said “Mildred’s and Mallow were the first people I talked to as soon as we nailed down the concept for DropWorks. They have an incredible reputation due to the sheer amount of consideration that goes into all of their ingredients; whether it’s on the plate or in the glass. Championing local and practising sustainability are essential to them, but ultimately is all about taste, as everything they do is delicious! I was confident that we firmly ticked all those boxes, and I am happy to say they agreed!”

The tepache sour cocktail featuring Clear Drop Rum from DropWorks available from Mallow

We are proud to have been chosen for their menus, and we are looking forward to our Rum being experienced by more and more people in their restaurants! But that’s enough self-congratulatory back patting. We are off to Mallow for a few Lemon Grass Tepache sours and to think about how great we are. Cheers!

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