British Rum

The movement is happening

In 2017 there was only 1 distillery fermenting molasses to make Rum properly in Britain. 6 years later in 2023, there are 27, soon to be 28, of us distilling Rum in Britain (I know, right?!).

This rapid expansion is just the tip of the iceberg. Similar to the “craft gin” movement of the last decade, British Rum is shaping up to be the most exciting category in the industry!

Oxford Artisan Distillery

Our temperate climate, abundant water and proximity to the polar jet stream form a unique environment to distill and age Rum. Rums can be slow barrel-aged, benefitting from lower average temperature and dramatic swings in atmospheric pressure, to create exciting spirits that challenge preconceptions about what rum is and when it can be consumed.

DropWorks Distillery is yet another leap forward for British Rum, and our goal is to put the whole category well and truly on the map.

With shared values of quality, transparency, experimentation and sheer enjoyment, the boundaries of what is the norm are being challenged for the first time in centuries, so there has never been a better time to Drop into the World of Rum.

Like you, we love all things Rum, and we’re so glad you can be a part of this journey.

If, like us, you are on a quest for more knowledge, use the power of video content to travel with DropWorks founder Lewis Hayes as he crosses the country meeting the people behind the stills who are shaping the British Rum Category.

White Peak Distillery

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