Rum for everyone

Every Drop is distilled in the heart of Britain

CleaR Drop

Exquisitely made Rum requires no embellishments.

Clear Drop Rum is un-aged, unadulterated, crystal-clear perfection. We distil our British-made Rum in slow motion, creating the purest of drops, softer than a velvet cloud of silk. Delicately blended by our Master Blender for an even greater depth of flavour, our embellishment-free Rum can be enjoyed neat, mixed in cocktails or even on toast – we won’t judge!

FunK Drop

For the funksters & Rum lovers who love to love Rum.

Fermented with the world’s first Wild Trinity yeast and distilled in our bespoke Double Retort still, every Drop goes supernova with funkiness. As every proud Rum nerd knows, ‘FUNK’ means you’ll get distinctive, intensely ripe, fruity aromas. Funk Drop is designed to make your Daiquiris go nuclear, your Hurricanes rage and your Zombies come to life. What are you waiting for? Let’s Funk!

Spice Drop

Spiced Rum made without any added spices? Damn right.

A world first! Bold flavours are created with the finest raw ingredients, fermented, distilled and flash aged at the DropWorks British Rum Distillery where we experiment, discover and create the most joyful Drops of rum imaginable – for you!


The time has come to illuminate Dark Rum!

Meet Dark Drop, the latest addition to the range of British-made Rum made at the DropWorks Distillery.

This super-soft twice pot-distilled Rum has been decadently blended with Rums finest ingredient – molasses, of course. Full of tongue-tickling sweetness and a zing of smoky pepper, mix up a storm with lashings of ginger beer or stir down in an old fashioned. What’s not to love?

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