Spice Drop

Spiced Rum MADE without any ADDED Spices?!

Yeah, right! Damn right. Spice Drop is developed with the finest raw ingredients, fermented, distilled and aged – and full of flavour. Made in Britain at the epic DropWorks distillery, we have deconstructed everything you thought you knew about spiced rum to create the most joyful Drops imaginable. 

How do we do it?!

Rum is so much fun, we wanted to prove that it has all the flavour you need naturally, without having to add “spices”!

We ferment raw molasses with our wild yeast strain and distil on our 8 plate column. This brings to life wonderful esters with wild yet crisp flavours that form the base for Spice Drop.

We then “flash age” this rum by resting it with heavily charred wood chips. American oak chips add a sweet vanilla/coconut note and French oak chips imparts a toasted pecan and Winter spice aroma.

Full Transparency

Raw materialMolasses
FermentationSingle fermentation with wild yeast for 5-7 days
MaturationFlash aged with a 3:1 ratio of heavily charred French:American oak for 24 hours
AdditivesSugar 10g p/l
Distilled byShaun “Yeast Beast” Smith

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