Funk Drop

This is for the funksters

Funk Drop on a funky background

For the rum lovers who love to love rum.

Every Drop goes supernova with funkiness (the pro-rum nerd’s term for the spirit’s complex yet distinctive, intensely ripe, fruity aromas). Funk Drop is designed to make your Daiquiris go nuclear, your Hurricanes rage and your Zombies come to life. Let’s Funk!

How do we do it?!

Funk Drop Rum celebrates the art of Fermentation – the process where yeast transforms sugars into alcohol.

Fermented using the world’s first wild Trinity yeast. A yeast unique to DropWorks, cultivated in house, 3 strains of yeast work together to convert sugars to alcohol in a way never seen before! We achieve “high ester” rum through long fermentations with dunder and distilling with “muck” (aged dunder).

Full Transparency

Raw materialSugar Cane Honey
Fermentation7 days with the addition of molasses-based “dunder”
DistillationDouble retort, with the addition of “muck”
(Distilled between 83%-75% alcohol)
Distilled byShaun “Yeast Beast” Smith
BlendedSingle mark

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