Dark Drop


Dark Drop Rum by DropWorks

Introducing Dark Drop Rum! The Dark Rum in the core DropWorks Rum line up!

Made from sugar cane molasses at the DropWorks Rum Distillery, this Drop celebrates everything that is decadently beautiful about this raw material, and boasts notes the juiciest of blackcurrant and liquorice vibes, as well as a splash of vanilla and coconut.

Find out how we make Dark Drop Rum below…

How do we do it?!

Dark Drop Rum is a collision of innovation and tradition, it’s a combination of two marques; both molasses based that have been fermented with the DropWorks exclusive, and world-first Wild Trinity Yeast, giving it those high-ester funky flavours, but both with their own distinct personality and flavour.

Shaun Smith, Head Distiller at DropWorks hard at work

Marque 1 is pot distilled with very clean cuts, delivering a refined and pristine character.

Marque 2 is double retort distilled, but with game changing practice: ‘Muck’ is added to the second retort which super charges the esters – this is utterly unique, and in true DropWorks style, definitely not your standard practice! We told you we like to deconstruct Rum 😉

We’re all about balance and harmony, so we blend 5 parts of marque 1, to 1 part of marque 2.

Rich Vanilla and caramel flavours are the fantastic result of a 7 day long ageing process, with American Oak chips (not sugar!), with classic Dark Rum notes of liquorice and star anise coming from the double pot molasses distillation. 

What sets Dark Drop Rum apart from the rest? Well other than the unique flavour and production process, we proudly do not add any sugar, glycerol or flavourings, just a Drop of traditional caramel colouring to suit the deep dark colour of the category.

And that’s how it’s done!

Full Transparency

Raw materialMolasses
FermentationTwo fermentations, both with trinity yeast 7 days
DistillationDouble pot distilled spirit, blended with double retort distilled spirit that has  muck and our own vinegar added to supercharge esterification
Maturation1 week rested with American Oak Wood Chips, heavy charr
AdditivesCaramel colouring 6mg p/l (category aesthetic purposes only)
No added sugar.
Distilled byShaun “Yeast Beast” Smith
Blended2 different marques: 1 part Double Retort spirit and 5 parts Double Pot distilled spirit

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