Super Funk Drop Rum


Distillery Exclusive Drop!

Fermented for ONE. WHOLE. MONTH. with the world’s first Wild Trinity yeast and distilled in the DropWorks Distillery in our bespoke Double Retort still – the first in England – every Drop goes supernova with funkiness. As every proud Rum nerd knows, ‘FUNK’ means you’ll get distinctive, intensely ripe, fruity aromas.

Tried our original Funk Drop Rum? Well this is even Funkier! A longer maturation period pushes the ester count to the highest we’ve seen in any of our Drops, coming it at 930 esters, which is all down to the longer maturation period.

Supercharged notes of toasted pineapple, orange marmalade, guava and super ripe fruits, giving you that delicious yet oily salinity that coats the mouth and invites you back for more.



63% ABV

Not available to buy outside of the DropWorks Distillery.


Distillery Exclusive

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Super Funk Drop Rum celebrates the art of fermentation (the process where yeast transforms sugars into alcohol) in all its bubbling, aromatic glory!

With an ABV of 63%, don’t be fooled, this overproof BFF is high ester (930 esters to be exact!) and full of funky flavour for you to enjoy in cocktails, neat (wild!) or however you like.

This Rum is only available to purchase from the DropWorks Distillery, so why don’t you book in for a tour and see how it’s made too!

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 12 cm

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