Love your weekend!

ITV love your weekend - October 15th with Alan Titchmarsh and Ian Burrell enjoying Clear Drop Rum by DropWorks

Clear Drop Rum takes centre stage!

Hey Rum Enthusiasts,

Guess who made a star-studded appearance on national TV yesterday? That’s right—DropWorks Rum took center stage on Alan Titchmarsh’s ‘Love Your Weekend’ show on ITV!

Alan Titchmarsh, the maestro of all things delightful and charming, enjoyed Clear Drop Rum in a delightful cocktail curated by the master of Rum himself, Ian Burrell, Global Rum Ambassador.

What’s the buzz all about, you ask? Well, Clear Drop Rum is such a versatile Rum that can be enjoyed with many a mixer. It is not your average spirit and this was highlighted through a delicious drink consisting of elderflower spritz and a dash of lime. Very similar to the DropWorks house favourite, the Clear N Cloudy cocktail.

Missed the episode? Don’t worry! You can catch all the rum-filled goodness on Love your weekend catchup on ITV’s website – it’s definitely worth a watch.

Stay spirited, stay social, and let’s keep the Clear Drop magic alive!

Clear Drop Rum by DropWorks

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