Funk Drop Takes Gold!

London Spirits Competition awards announced! We are absolutely delighted to share the news of some more Gold awards for DropWorks Rums 🎉 including Funk Drop Rum which snatches its first ever Gold award! The 7th annual London Spirit Competitions took place last month with all liquid being judged on a combination of quality, value and… Read ➜

Clearly Delicious Rum!

Clear Drop Rum by DropWorks awarded double Gold! Clear Drop Rum, the very first Rum launched only last year, has secured top honours in not one, but two prestigious competitions. Awarded by industry experts in the Spirits Business Rum and Cachaca Masters, Clear Drop Rum won Gold in its category, with a similar story in… Read ➜

Rum Blending Masterclass!

Knowledge Drop is here! We love talking about Rum. We could talk about it all day in fact. But we now have the opportunity to takeover the awesome Hudson Social in Manchester for select dates in February and March to put on our first ever Rum Blending Masterclasses! Focused on cask aged liquid, and giving… Read ➜

People’s Choice Spirit Awards

Spice Drop secures finalist spot! We are thrilled to announce that DropWorks Spice Drop Rum has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious People’s Choice Spirits Awards! 🏆🍹 All People’s Choice Drinks Awards highlight outstanding spirits that captivate a worldwide audience, so being named a finalist is an incredible honour. What makes it truly… Read ➜

Saturday Tours, you say?!

NEW availability for you to Drop by! Fancy experiencing something different on a weekend? Well you are in luck – as DropWorks Rum Distillery Tours are now available every Saturday! That’s right. With weekday tours not suitable for everyone, we are ecstatic to be able to offer weekend availability for Rum tours, tastings and plenty… Read ➜

The Century Drop

The Century Drop is here! Your chance to get creative and make your very own, bespoke aged Rum barrel, at Europe’s Largest Rum Distillery has launched today! The DropWorks Century Drop has landed and proves that creating your own Drop is as simple as it is fun! The result? Rum that tastes yum of course. Combine… Read ➜

Love your weekend!

Clear Drop Rum takes centre stage! Hey Rum Enthusiasts, Guess who made a star-studded appearance on national TV yesterday? That’s right—DropWorks Rum took center stage on Alan Titchmarsh’s ‘Love Your Weekend’ show on ITV! Alan Titchmarsh, the maestro of all things delightful and charming, enjoyed Clear Drop Rum in a delightful cocktail curated by the… Read ➜


DARK DROP IS HERE! The time really has come to illuminate Dark Rum! Meet Dark Drop Rum – the latest Drop to join the DropWorks Rum family. Available now, and made in the DropWorks Distillery in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, this Dark Rum defies all preconceptions of what Rum “should” be! The team have well and truly… Read ➜


It’s Rum Fest time! BIG NEWS!! DropWorks is a confirmed exhibitor at Rum Fest 2023. Making the brand debut, DropWorks will have the full range of Drops available to try, since launching in May earlier this year, as well as some delightful freebies to celebrate a brand new Drop launching that very weekend – what… Read ➜


NEW RUM COCKTAIL ALERT! We were on the look out for the best cocktail recipe to showcase our OG Clear Drop Rum. A recipe that is more British than a roast dinner, standing in a queue, discussing the weather. And guess what?! We think we may have just found it! This simple yet tasty Rum… Read ➜

Spice Drop!

Spiced Rum made without any added spices?! Yeah right! Damn right we did that. Now, you might be wondering, “how can a spiced rum be without spices?”. Well, it’s a fair question, and we are here to unravel the mystery for you while captivating your taste buds with this latest Drop from the DropWorks Distillery.… Read ➜

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