The Century Drop

Assistant Distiller Will Palmer Sweeping at the DropWorks Rum Distillery

The Century Drop is here!

Your chance to get creative and make your very own, bespoke aged Rum barrel, at Europe’s Largest Rum Distillery has launched today! The DropWorks Century Drop has landed and proves that creating your own Drop is as simple as it is fun! The result? Rum that tastes yum of course.

Combine quality with creativity by designing your very own cask – the first initiative of it’s kind on this scale. Simply select your Rum and a barrel of your choosing, supported by our team of experts, and let the ageing process work its magic, under our watchful eyes of course!

Why not round up your coolest friends and create a Drop together?! Or fly solo and do your own thing, making your own rules!

Making your own Rum is so much fun!
Team DropWorks loving the barrels

How does it work?

Creating your own bespoke aged Rum is as simple as it is fun! The result? Rum that tastes yum, and the opportunity to capitalise on the British Rum Boom by being one of the first bespoke barrel owners to make such a large impact in the legacy of British Rum! But be quick – we only have 100 casks available in this Drop.

1.) Drop us a line – email casks@dropworks.co.uk so we can talk you through the different liquid and cask options available, as well as provide you with our terms of sale.

2.) Choose your Drop and your cask. We make this easy with 3 recommended options. Have some bespoke requests? Great! You can speak with our Master Blender to help guide you through the process with your unique requirements in mind. We have lots of information to help you decide!

3.) It’s official! After receiving payment, your cask will be created! You’re invited to us on this momentous occasion, or enjoy a video to watch in your own time, should you prefer. You will also receive your an ownership certificate – nice!

4.) Let it rest – sit back, relax and think about how you’re going to drink your very own Rum!

5.) Progress updates – we’ll send out a taste of your Drop  so that you can check in on how it’s tasting every year. Or, even better, come and taste it for yourself at the DropWorks Distillery – you get a tour for 2 included in this package, which will be led by our Head Distiller or CEO and Founder, in order to fully appreciate the production of your liquid and its ageing location!

6.) Enjoy! Your Rum has matured into a beautifully aged spirit and is now ready for the glass – and it is all yours! Choose what to do with it; bottle it for your own supply, gift it to your family, friends and colleagues – the options really are endless!

Pouring a glass of Clear Drop rum on the DropWorks distillery tours
Head Distiller Shaun at the DropWorks Rum Distillery in Nottinghamshire

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