The Drop Diaries

Follow our journey bringing quality British Rum to the masses!

  • First Cocktail listing!

    First Cocktail listing!

    Mildred’s and Mallow, have 7 sites across London (5 Mildred’s and now 2 Mallow’s), and if you know… Read ➜

  • The First Drop!

    The First Drop!

    The first product Drop from the DropWorks Distillery, located in Welbeck, has now been released! Clear Drop Rum… Read ➜

  • Lewis goes Live!

    Lewis goes Live!

    How exciting was this?! DropWorks was on TV earlier this month with Notts TV presenter Al Booth. Al… Read ➜

  • Distillery Equipment Dash!

    Distillery Equipment Dash!

    Can we get on with making some Rum now, please? This is big. Like really big! The concrete… Read ➜

  • British Rum – Scotland

    British Rum – Scotland

    It is safe to say, that when it comes to British Rum, the Scottish are really blazing a… Read ➜

  • Why make Rum in Britain?

    Why make Rum in Britain?

    I am British. My mother is English, my father is Scottish, and I am passionately British. Britain is… Read ➜

  • The First Drop

    The First Drop

    This is it. Day dot. We’ve begun. I’ve been in the hospitality industry ever since I left school.… Read ➜

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